Are you a busy, stressed, high-achieving Millennial Woman?

I'll teach you how to permanently lose 30 pounds in 3 months without dieting

Feel better naked.

I will teach you how to lose weight, burn belly fat, build lean, sexy muscles and learn how to truly love yourself down the scale with my science-backed signature framework.

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Hi, I’m Eva Rodriguez

Your trauma-informed Certified Life Coach, Advanced Certified Weight Loss Coach, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Neurolinguistic Programming Practioner (NLP).

I'm a proud Latina of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, and a single mom to my amazing son, Christian.

As your personal Life, Health, and Weight Loss Coach, I empower you to transform your life and lose your physical and emotional weight for good.

Ready to become confident and strong AF from the inside out?

Stop dieting, hating what you see in the mirror and overcomplicating things and learn to create a life and body you love.

Never count calories, macros, go on a diet or spend hours at the gym ever again.

"The biggest obstacle in my weight loss was food, I would deprive myself which then fueled binge eating on quick sugars to give me energy.

Counting macros spun me into feeling restricted causing me to overeat. I had a totally disordered relationship with food after a decade of diet culture.

Eva is an angel in human form. She reset my mindset back to the basics and de-programmed my diet culture mind. THIS WAS KEY!! She taught me to listen to my body and that I wasn’t starving. She literally helped me break the chains that were holding me back and it unlocked my success in weight loss.

- Teresa


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