Amy lost 30 pounds in 3 months...

Victoria lost 17 pounds and lost track of the inches...


I was able to lose 12 pounds in 10 weeks

With Eva’s coaching I was able to lose 12 pounds in 10 weeks and get closer to my goals. as you can see I lost weight slowly last year, then even more slowly gained some of it back. With Eva’s help, I was able to lose it consistently and then maintain my weight loss.


Eva helped me stop binge eating completely

Eva helped me stop bingeing completely. I’ve been a binge eater my entire life and I never thought I’d stop. She taught me how to manage my thoughts and I feel so much more confident around food. She really is an amazing coach!


A better and healthier version of myself

I’m so grateful to have met Eva. The gifts and insights she’s given me have made me a better and healthier version of myself. I was pretty lost when I found her and I never imagined where this journey would take me when we started our coaching sessions, I just knew I needed help. It’s amazing what you can change and accomplish, with a coach like Eva by your side. She will hold that safe space for you to learn, heal and grow and you’ll know you’re in great hands.